A Friendly Reminder That Jane Fonda Let a Dog Hump Her Arm

Hey guys, just wanted to remind you that Jane Fonda is an avid supporter and ally for the canine community in their quest for sexual liberation, and has made that fact quite clear by posting a video of a dog humping her arm to her YouTube channel. I've also realized that the video was recorded while rehearsing lines… » 4/10/15 9:31pm 4/10/15 9:31pm

Is this racist?

". . . Instead, he sent Sacheen, a Native American aspiring actress slash activist, to reject Marlon's award and read a statement about the way Hollywood makes Native Americans invisible, among other things. Sadly for Marlon, Sacheen — real name Marie Louise Cruz — turned out to only be half Native American. Talk… » 2/22/15 1:59pm 2/22/15 1:59pm

Jane Fonda let a dog hump her arm and no one seems to care.

Last year I posted a link to a YouTube video, posted by Jane Fonda herself, in which she lets a dog hump her arm as she relaxes on the couch— and barely anyone took a look. Even now the video only has 3,083 views (and 13 likes, 2 dislikes) and I just don't understand how the Internet has ignored this masterpiece for… » 1/09/15 9:40pm 1/09/15 9:40pm